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July 20, 2010

New Network Coming Soon!

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New SciFi and Fantasy Network in the Works

There’s a new cable televison network coming your way! A TV channel JUST for fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy movies, television, books, and comics. That network is Syzygy (pron. Si-Zi-Gee).
Syzygy is a network being created by real fans of SciFi, not corporate suits who cancel many fan favorites prematurely. We know the market because we’re members of it. Each of the six current members of the Network’s executive team is not only an industry professional, but also a real SciFi fan – it was a requirement of the job. We’re not taking this company public in order to make sure that our number one priority will always be you, the SciFi/Fantasy fan.
To make it to market, we need your help, though! We need the awesome power of the SciFi fan community. We’ve told investors that fans are just itching for a new network made just for them – now they want us to prove it. We need for them to see there are tons of fans who want this.

To voice your support for a new SciFi and Fantasy network TV network, just go to the Syzygy Network page on Facebook.

Once you’re there, “like” the page. That’s it! feel free to browse around and join in the discussions whlie you’re there. If you’re not a Facebooker you can go to our website at:

Post your support on our community forum.

You can also write to us at:

The Syzygy Network
P.O. Box 504
Green, OH 44232


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