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January 18, 2011

Who Am I Trailer

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This is your chance to see some of the hard work that I have been up to lately.  As you know my business partner, Dave Andrews, and I got a great response from some of you for our kickstarter campaign for our TV Pilot called Who Am I?  For those of you that did contribute thank you very much and your gifts are being worked on and will be sent out soon.  We finished off our campaign with $29,040 pledged putting us over our $25,000 goal.  The pilot is going to be made and actually starts filming on Feb. 4th.  In the meantime we made a Trailer for the Pilot which through the company 3D Eye, is going to be converted into 3D and give us some good advertising for the show to find some networks to air on and become a full series.  The first of our trailers and the one that will be converted is now available to be seen on our company, Syzygy Holdings’ website at  I hope that you enjoy it and will continue to spread the word and support the show.

November 2, 2009


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Watch InSight, the news show for SciFi fans. Is shown on syzygy network on the web. Hosts Dave Andrews and Scott Brody give you interviews, news, box office reports dealing with Sci-Fi related movies, shows and events. Interviews include: Joanne Kely, Dana Powers, Nichelle Nichols, and many more.

From the Big Apple to Los Angeles, this show takes sci-fi fans to the places you would never dream of. This gives a new perspective on other interview type shows and gives sci-fi fans another good place to go to for news entertainment medium. Click above and watch the show. How can you beat the price

Hosts Dave Andrews and Scott Brody really give a new perpective to what this is all about. For past episodes you can also watch them here:

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