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December 26, 2009


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Keep paying attention to the Ad industry. Watch for indicators and please report your findings here.

Assaf and Anthony

Who Gets the Highest Ad Rates Online?

With All the Talk of CPMs Going to Zero, Here’s a Survey of Who’s Commanding Top Dollar
by Michael Learmonth _Published: December 21, 2009

NEW YORK ( — Online ad rates, we’re told, are on an express train to zero, helped along by gagillions of impressions generated by Facebook, Twitter and its ilk, and the networks, exchanges and targeting technologies that allow advertisers to buy audience as a commodity, without dealing with individual sites at all.
And while the recession has put another hit on CPMs — the term ad buyers and sellers use as shorthand for the cost for 1,000 impressions — across the web, some sites can still pimp fat ad rates either by virtue of their reach, specialized audience or unique environment.
Who’s getting the best ad rates on the web today? The slideshow that follows, culled from agency buyers and media sellers, is far from scientific, but gives a good sense of who can still charge bank and why.

1. $600,000/day roadblock
2. CBS March Madness on demand $70 CPM
3. $35-plus CPM
4. $70 CPM for daily e-mail
5. $500,000 to $700,000 for a home page takeover
6. home page $400,000/day roadblock with video
7. Full episode player $45-plus CPM
8. Kim Kardashian’s Tweet Stream $10,000 per tweet
9. Wall Street Journal video $75-$100 CPM
10. $40-$60 CPM
11. $25 CPM
12. $90 CPM per welcome interstitial
13. $50 CPM for “C-level display inventory
14. Turner Networks (,,,, etc.) $500,000 for all-site, day-long roadblock
15. ESPN Brand Channel, YouTube $22 CPM
16. $91 CPM/Site Takeover
17. National Journal Energy Blog $364/CPM


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