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November 12, 2009

SMPH Victory Lap

Thanks to your involvement, the involvement of the Screen Actors Guild and The Teamsters, the caregivers, as well as the ominous presence of the resident’s law firm Girardi + Keese – The Motion Picture and Television Fund has extended the operating permit for both the much embattled Long Term Care center and Acute Care Center for another year.

On the face of it, this is a major win for the residents who refuse to leave and their supporters. Originally, everyone was to be cleared out by the end of October. Because of our efforts to keep the LTC open, they have not been able to meet this goal.

As we reflect on our efforts and savor this ‘win’, we need to reaffirm our goal to keep the LTC open.

By open, I don’t mean just providing basic care for the remaining residents. Our goal is to return the LTC to the state it was before the current regime got their mitts on it. By that I mean a world class, thriving and robust skilled nursing facility that was a model to other facilities that are today thriving in spite of the same challenges that seemingly have toppled the Motion Picture Home.

So, we are not done – not by a long shot!

We need your continued involvement, passion and spirit. We need your friends, your family, your co-workers – anybody who is either in the motion picture and television industry, support industries, or friends of the people in these industries.

We need you to publicize our efforts on your facebook page, and to provide a link to our petition. We need more signatures, thousands of them.

Let’s leverage this victory by keeping the LTC open and serving the needs of the industry. Let’s bring the entire campus back to a calm sanity where there is no fear of eviction if one of the elderly residents develops a debilitating disease or injury.

Let’s move onward and call for the termination of those that oppose keeping the mandate of “Taking Care of Our Own” in its original context.

Here is the link to the petition. Please enlist more of your friends to our cause.

Thank you again for your participation. You are saving lives, you have saved lives.




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