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September 4, 2009


Dear Friends –

Things have heated up to a fever pitch in our battle to save not only the Residents of the Motion Picture and Television Fund Long Term Care Center, but also the future of Motion Picture and Television Healthcare.

Before I go into a lengthy explanation of recent events, you need not read any further than this, if you want to do something to help keep the Long Term Care facility open:

1. Sign our petition and urge your facebook friends to also sign our petition. Go to:

2. Call the MPTF at 818-876-1900 and ask for Dr. Tillman or Ken Scherer. Insist they refrain from closing the home and forcing ts elderly residents out. Ask for Rabbi Rosenberg’s extension and urge him to follow the moral imperative of his faith and stop the unnecessary deaths that we believe are resulting from these unnecessary transfers. Tell him he should be a voice for the families who are against this, and not for the corporate mindspeak of those who sign his paycheck.

3. Call Dreamworks Studios at 818 695 5000 and tell MPTF Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg the same thing.

Last week in a sadistic show of balls and bravado, Dr. Nate Neumann along with a security thug traveled the hallways of the LTC reminding Residents that they were moving out. Our Residents are made of stout stuff, and as lesser elders would be terrified, the overwhelming sentiment was one of ‘F You’ and ‘Hell no, we won’t go!’. As it turns out, their admonitions reached the ears of our attorneys, and I believe that any communications between staff and Residents that fall outside of their healthcare needs will be routed to the firm of Girardi + Keese.

Speaking of legal, this has been posted on the website of :

Despite the recent letter from David Tillman telling you that long-term care will close, which has been the Fund’s position since January 2009, there is no obligation to cooperate with MPTF’s attempts to force you to move out ‘voluntarily’ or for you to vacate your home.

As you know, our lawyers told MPTF’s lawyers that any contact regarding the moving of plaintiffs/Residents is to take place through Girardi & Keese. Remember, you are not to be frightened or intimidated into moving out. If you are contacted directly by any MPTF employee about moving, or should you have additional questions, we suggest you contact or speak with Jim O’Callahan’s office at Girardi & Keese, 213-077-0211 immediately.

For those Residents who are now interested in joining the litigation, please contact us while there is still the opportunity to have your rights respected and protected. Send an e-mail to: and your inquiry will be answered. Make sure you specify who your family member or loved one is at the MPTF facility.

To all concerned, we continue to work closely with the lawyers on a daily basis. Diligent efforts are underway to secure our goals. We remain very optimistic.

Be sure to tune into Tom Girardi’s radio show CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE Airing every Saturday at 5:00 pm on KRLA 870 AM.!

When you frighten and intimidate elderly people, the term ‘sadistic’ comes to mind along with other adjectives and characterizations that have no place being attributed to care givers. It’s gotten that bad friends.

We need your support more than ever. Please urge your facebook friends to join our group, more importantly – to sign our petition. I’ll save you the scroll up:

We are planning a huge rally in the near future. Stay tuned for details.

Thank you so much for your efforts. You are saving lives.


Richard Stellar


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