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July 15, 2009

Membership First Voting

The Hollywood Board of Membership First proved the deception of their name last night when they put the wishes of the Membership dead last.  They ignored our voice as expressed in the last election when we summarily rejected David Jolliffe’s bid for a board seat.  He lost…  We did not vote for him.  Yet today, we find, he is, almost as if by magic, back on the National Board.

Last night at the Hollywood Board Meeting of SAG, Membership First manipulated the rules which govern our board to suit their cause.

Sitting National Board member Justine Bateman resigned her board seat.  The rule states that the seat be filled with the highest vote-getting alternate (voted upon by us, the members) – in this case, Marcia Wallace.  But Marcia is a member of Unite for Strength.  Hmm.  What to do….  I know, let’s just change the rules.

The Hollywood Board passed over Marcia and instead dug down to the bottom of the heap and fished out David Joliffe.  As you might recall, David was voted out of both his National and Hollywood board seats when we,  the Hollywood members overwhelmingly rejected his candidacy. But no matter to MF.  If they followed the rules and put Marcia in as Justine’s replacement, they would be one MF member down on the National Board.  So, they just changed the rule.  Just like that.  To suit their cause.  And ignored the voice of us, the members.

One last thing.  It was Membership First who instated the protocol of replacing resigning board members with the highest vote-getting alternate when that suited them.  This is how they keep a grip on power.  That is not me talking.  That is the record.


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