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June 26, 2009

Letter from contact

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I just wanted to pass along a personal anecdote regarding the new contract, and what it already means to my professional life.  Several years ago I provided a voice for an online tie-in to a big feature.  It was a straight buy out for about the day rate at the time, but I took it since there was no contract in place to cover such a thing in those days.  Just after our new contract wasapproved I got a call regarding an audition for the same sort of thing.  A day or so later I got an e-mail saying I’d booked it, and to look for the contract in the mail.  I got one more e-mail asking for a little patience; this was the first “new media” contract they had issued, and the legal department had to pass off on it.  A day or so later it came in the mail, and instead of a buy out check, there was, indeed, a day player contract (stating “made for new media”)in the amount of $782.  Having the job pay into my P&H is huge for me, especially in these times.  Seeing that contract made the admittedly modest campaigning I did for the contract very much worth the effort.


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