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June 3, 2009

SAG Files Motion to Dismiss Rosenberg Appeal


SAG Files Motion to Dismiss Rosenberg Appeal (May 24, 2009)

As you’ll recall, several months ago, SAG president Alan Rosenberg and three other hardliners (1st VP Anne-Marie Johnson and board members Diane Ladd and Kent McCord) sued their own union, seeking to enjoin negotiations and reverse personnel and procedural changes that they correctly anticipated would pave the way for a deal on terms the hardliners are pledged to oppose. Although their requests were denied by both the trial and appeals courts, the lawsuit nonetheless continues in both of those forums (Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC406900 and Second Appellate District 2d Civil No. B214056).

Several days ago, SAG filed a motion to dismiss the appeal, on the grounds that the appeal is moot. You can read the motion here. Even if the court grants the motion, which it ought to, and may well, Rosenberg et al might choose to appeal to the State Supreme Court. They won’t get any traction if they do, but regardless of whether or not they do, the lower court case will continue for at least the next few months, and there will be further opportunities to appeal.

So, SAG’s legal fees will continue to mount, courtesy of the union’s own president and 1st VP. Summer is fire season in Southern California, but it’s usually the hillsides that are at risk. This time, though, a bit of SAG’s treasury is burning as well.


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