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June 2, 2009


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SAG board re-fires Allen
Move paves way for contract talks
The moderate majority of SAG leaders have approved a resolution designed to defuse president Alan Rosenberg’s lawsuit, voting for a second time to fire Doug Allen as natinonal exec director and replace the negotiating committee with a task force.

The move is likely to put feature-primetime negotiations back on track after Rosenberg’s extraordinary legal challenge put those talks on hold last week. SAG’s feature-primetime contract expired June 30 and the last set of negotiations took place in November.

The vote took place Sunday at a national board meeting with 59% of the members voting in favor.

Sunday’s vote took place nearly a month after Rosenberg led a 28-hour filibuster to prevent a vote on the resolution on Jan. 12-13, prompting 41 moderate board members (or 53% of the board) to use a “written assent” to approve the measure on Jan. 26 and re-start the contract talks.

Rosenberg and three other board members filed suit last Tuesday to overturn the “written assent” on grounds that it was illegal under state corporate laws and violated SAG’s constitution. Rosenberg was then turned down twice in state court in efforts to obtain a temporary restraining order with Judge James Chalfant told Rosenberg that the suit was unlikely to succeed.

Feb. 17-18 has emerged as the earliest available dates for resuming negotiations. Spokespersons for SAG and the AMPTP have said that nothing definite had been set.

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