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June 2, 2009

unrealistic way to promote and use SAG (Jan.7, 2009)

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This is a letter from the daughter of Jane Darwell.  In my opinion her idea of the SAG awards is childish and seems like a DAMN witch hunt. What do you all think?  Read below for her “opinionated” letter. For those of you who haven’t followed with the SAG news, read the previous post for more info.


Darling Actors,

I’m just a fan. I’m especially a fan of character actors. (My heart belongs to Claude Rains. And Gale Sondergaard is one of my role models.) And I follow the labor scene. Lots of struggles on lots of fronts. Not just the Hollywood scene, though it’s especially juicy. BOYCOTTS can be an effective weapon in labor struggles. And my labor savvy tells me that YOU have a boycott weapon, in your hands, right now.
It’s a ballot. Your awards ballot.

Like every other self-respecting Hollywood institution, you put on an annual AWARDS show. And show-business handicappers love to read YOUR awards as OSCAR tea-leaves. (That’s why many of us tune in.) Well, the following actors have two things in common. ONE is that they are nominees for S.A.G. “ACTOR” honors.

Thing TWO-in-common is this: These rich-and-famous nominees have all signed on to Danny DeVito’s famous open letter. The one where DeVito and his fellow stars tell YOU that YOU should vote against giving YOUR National Board the option of calling a strike, if, IF, the networks and studios keep treating you with contempt.

Thing-TWO-in- common means this, at least to a watchful fan: These nominees seem to want their union to be weak and to capitulate to the moguls.

And yet, THEIR UNION might give these union-underminers that prized statuette.

Those DIS-loyal nominees are . . .

KEVIN SPACEY (“Recount”)
SUSAN SARANDON (“Bernard & Doris”)
MICHAEL C. HALL (“Dexter”)
SALLY FIELD (“Brothers and Sisters”)
ALEC BALDWIN (“30 Rock”)
STEVE CARELL (“The Office”)

If I were a regular, ordinary, not-rich-and- famous actor, and if I wanted my union to be strong so it could fight for me . . . would I want to give any of these rich-and-famous UNION-UNDERMINERS my vote? Would I want my union to give them such an honor — MY UNION’s ultimate stamp-of-approval?

I would remember those names when I began to mark my ballot. Most of us in labor only get to vote for union officers, or for new contracts. YOU get to vote for actors who perform outstandingly, AND who (you hope) support the union that is honoring them.

If the networks and studios beat you down, it will be a disheartening signal to other working folks across the country. Don’t let it happen.

Use your strength. And use your awards vote.
Vote for actors who are loyal to their union.

In solidarity,
A spiritual daughter of Jane Darwell ( )


January 7, 2009 7:19 PM


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