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June 2, 2009

The Bottom Line: The Majority of the Board…(Jan. 14, 2009)

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This explains what happened in UPDATES 1-3.

Well there is plenty of press out there.  I am still getting a fuller picture of what actually occurred in the SAG Board Room over the past 48 hours.

The bottom line is – the majority of the Board supported the motion to fire Doug.  The resolution had solid components designed to get the ball rolling in the contract negotiations with the AMPTP.  However, many longtime Board members are very adept at procedural stonewalling.  It was a mess.  One member of the board was actually caught trying to fake the votes of two other members who were sleeping in another room of the building.  She ought to be expelled from the board.  I know my SAG history.  She probably won’t.

Not one piece of business was concluded.  Not a one.  God bless Doug Allen… Why he would want to continue in this position with such a large majority against him is beyond me.  But whatever their motivations – is not fodder for this forum.

This is about our business.  Our industry.  Our union.  This is about us. 

That is all for now.  Thanks to our board members who endured the rigor and labor of a meeting that went on through the night and into the day.  They are sleeping now.


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