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June 2, 2009

Speaker Needed!!!!

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For those of you in the motion picture and television industry who ‘knows someone who knows someone’ – this plea is meant for you. Please direct that person who has the ear and/or heart of a hard-hitting, major personality or industry icon to view the following video:

Closing The Home was created by Dean & Katherine Butler in an effort to preserve the promise of MPTF Long Term Care for present and future generations and in gratitude for the life affirming care that their family member has received there for the past three years.

We need an A-lister to take on our cause and speak out on our behalf. If you know of anyone who has the balls to stand up to the Motion Picture and Television Fund board, please – please get to that person and then get to me.

We are at a pivotal point in so many ways, but have yet to get the major players to sign on with us.

We feel it’s because they don’t know. This video should sway a lot to what the truth is.

You can be a real hero in this fight. The lives and future of 130+ elderly and infirm, as well as the jobs of hundreds of the best care givers in skilled nursing are dependent on what we do.

Thanks and please sign on for the rally on Feb. 21.

Richard Stellar
all confidences are kept – VAULT!


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