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June 2, 2009

Save the Motion Picture Hospital Update!!! (MAR. 29, 2009)

Hi everyone –

It’s been awhile since I’ve bugged you and added to your already burgeoning Inbox, rife with the odd chat request, Hearty Jars of Sauerkraut, and loving comments on your status.

The past week has been a contentious one. The corridors of the Motion Picture Home, once lively and full of smiles for friend and stranger alike – are now reminiscent of the halls of the Pentagon during the Cold War Crisis.

My understanding is that the staff and volunteers have been muzzled – some shown the door for merely expressing an opinion of support to the residents and their families and supporters. The Guest Book at has served as a platform for venting, and makes interesting reading as you pierce the corporate veil of what is really happening at the Motion Picture Home.

The rabbi, once an affable and considerate man, has reportedly fled, leaving the building one day like Elvis after the dinner show at the Las Vegas Hilton, unable to deal with the comments from once loving and appreciative family members who are now expressing their disappointment in him.

I personally am extremely disappointed in him. Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg has the power to turn this process around. I know where his heart lies, and just wish his balls were as big. It’s not too late Rabbi. But, one day it might be – and you will be caste with the rest of the cast when the truth sees the light of day.

On a sunny note – I along with everyone involved with the legal action helmed by the great law firm Girardi-Keese, are awaiting words of encouragement. As you might know, or read – Richard Verrier of the Los Angeles Times reported that the Board said it would not be issuing ‘eviction notices’. We also heard that there may be other developments that would open the door to alternative plans that keeps doors open instead of closed.

Cross your fingers that we get good news this week.

Again, we need a heavy hitter – an A-lister that is not subservient to Katzenberg and crew. A major domo who can come out vocally for us and get the attention of the world.

This is an issue that effects the future of healthcare for the entire Motion Picture and Television Industry. Don’t think that it will end with the elderly and infirm residents. I’m speaking to you, Mr. Douglas – Harry’s Haven I feel will be next. And I’m not the only one who feels this. Look into the truth behind the financials as uncovered by Andrew Gumble on the pages of The Wrap.

Everyone needs to see this op/ed piece by Jell Schary Robinson. It sums up the need for your participation better than any of my ramblings:,0,4158864.story


Richard Stellar


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