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June 2, 2009

SAG member’s option on VP Anne Marie Johnson (Mar. 7, 2009)

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In their response to Anne Marie Johnson’s column in the Call Sheet, U4S answers her charges and gives insight into where we are in the negotiation process (previously sent and posted).  They address the meat of the issue clearly; therefore, I will not reiterate.  Here, I focus briefly on the overarching issue of lack of accountability in our dues-funded, Official SAG Communications.


Here is something I learned that I did not previously know. Six issues of the Hollywood newsletter, the Call Sheet are mailed per year.  This is a fat 12 pages with a lot of material simply lifted and repeated from the national newsletter, the Screen Actor, plus a message from the Hollywood First VP.   Four issues of the national Screen Actor, which goes to the entire membership, are mailed per per year.  What is wrong with this picture?  So much.  But let us look at just two issues: a waste of our dollars, and misusing Guild resources for politicking.

The ever (even sometimes annoyingly) moderate UFS board members did not take issue with Anne Marie’s use of the Call sheet as a bully pulpit, perhaps owing to her “right” as the VP to communicate her opinion.  Well, I beg to differ.  It is not a right – it is a privilege; and it is one that she participated in denying to two other elected officers of the Guild in previous issues of Guild Communications.  We need some accountability about the management of this tool of communication.

Finally, Anne Marie implies that Hollywood members deserve more of a say by virtue of how much we earn under this contract, pitting those who earn more against those who earn less.  This not only contradicts her disdain for affected voting, it also flies squarely in the face of her very public disgust with the high-earning members who have recently chosen to speak their minds on the matter of this contract.

Unlike those in the minority before her, Anne Marie was given the freedom to say whatever she wished in an official publication of the Guild. 

I think it stinks.


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