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June 2, 2009

richard masur’s letter

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This is a letter from Richard Masur. If you ever seen My Girl 1 & 2. He played Uncle Phil. This is from January 10th, 2009 

Richard Masur’s Bio –

An email has been circulated by a member of the SAG Board of Directors, who has a political agenda, and is attempting to punish other SAG members for taking a stand in opposition to her position. She defines anyone who disagrees with her position as “disloyal” to Screen Actors Guild.

We have an unfortunate and ugly history with those words in this union. Over fifty years ago, another group in power at SAG chose to apply the words, “disloyal”, “traitor”, and “subversive” to some of their fellow members who had the temerity to question the actions of their union and their government. In order to punish anyone who did not agree with those in power, a Blacklist was established and, out of fear, SAG’s leaders supported it.

The Blacklist was evil. But it worked. People’s lives and careers were seriuosly damaged or destroyed.

Eventually people with courage stood together and denied these bigots their power, and put an end to this despicable practice. But now, it seems, a new group of people who think they know what everyone else should think and feel has decided the time has come to bring the Blacklist back.

Well, SAG, the DGA, the WGA, AFTRA and the AMPTP have already made their decision about such tactics. All made statements that they would never again tolerate this kind of intimidation and abridgement of people’s rights. For that is exactly what is being attempted here. If you take a position which the bully boys (and girls) don’t like, they will call you names and label you “traitor” and “disloyal”. Well, in this day and age the members of this union and the members of this industry will not tolerate such behavior. They will see it for what it is — demagoguery of the worst kind — and do with it what it deserves — flush it down the toilet.

In the fifteen years that the SAG Awards have been held, there has never been an attempt by any faction within SAG to politicize them. That is as it should be. These awards were conceived of as an opportunity for actors to be honored by their peers. The sole criterion for the awarding of these honors has been artistic achievement. That must continue to be the case.

Richard Masur


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