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June 2, 2009

NO SAG strike petitions comments

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Here are comments who were protesting against the SAG Strike. There were over 18,000 signatures over the petition. The following are added comments that they left while signing the petition. Some of them left their names while others remained anonymous. Have fun reading!!!!

  • We need to organize and strike sags headquarters to show the world how out of line they are every other union has signed what makes you guys so special.


  • Once again, the leadership (it being Thanksgiving Day, I’m in a generous mood to employ the term “leadership” to characterize the current regime at SAG) is shooting themselves–and us—in the foot. Or, rather, feet. So what happens if and when you don’t get the required 75\% to authorize a strike? Go back and talk, with no more arrows left in your quiver. Nice going, guys. Way to lead us over the cliff.


  • BAD TIMING! No strikey!


  • cut the crap and get back to work


  • Rosenberg’s ego will harm a lot of people.


  • Now is not the time to strike, with the economy so horrible, please think this through. you will be ruining thousands of lives.


  • Considering the devastating, worsening economy, industry wide loss of wages due to the Writers Strike (7 months for me), an estimated 2 billion lost in California revenue alone, and even despite the fact that I’m effectively earning less than I earned 12 years ago as a Cameraman, this ‘I want it now’ demand of guarantees for SAG members above and beyond what the Writers & Directors just negotiated, doesn’t seem to warrant my support for a SAG Strike supported solely by the SAG members who don’t even earn a living in this industry (those SAG members working less than a day a year). Those in SAG who do work (the 10\%- 15\%) have publicly opposed the strike. Why not sign an agreement for 3 years leaving the door open for renegotiation when the economy has found it’s legs again, say in 3 years? And in the meantime, make it mandatory that in order to vote, SAG members in good standing have to earn more than 50\% of their income as an Actor in order to vote on issues that have such far reaching implications!


  • If you strike, your supporters will take a HIKE !


  • SAG needs to realize that they play politicians on TV. They are not real politicians. With the economic downturn they had a perfect face saving opportunity to step away from the gridlock that they have created. All they needed to do was put the AMPTP on notice that come the next negotiation period the issue of digital/new media will be addressed front and center, and armed with real data as to the profitability of this new “business model” would negate the AMPTP’s core argument. SAG’s position will be much stronger the next time round.


  • “Love thy neighbor”


  • I really don’t understand how anyone can vote yes. It’s all posturing. What in the world makes you think SAG deserves any more than WGA/DGA, etc…??? Get your head back up in the air and look around. You’re being puppeteer by A.R. for his agenda at the pain, suffering and injury to all. Same as WGA leader, he was all attitude and nothing more than ego that cost the film business 2.5-5 billion in earnings, etc. You may think you’re standing up for what you deserve but when you contribute to the killing of an economy, your neighbors, your businesses, etc. etc.. how much good have you really done when you’ve contributed to the decline in your home value, to the erosion of the small businesses you need, then look around at the destruction that your ‘strike’ caused and let me know how you deserve anything. It’s crazy to think a strike would do actors good. Look at the bigger picture you’ll be laying out for yourselves. A yes vote is a tragic vote contributing to your own demise.


  • greedy stupid unions. i am a sag member and producer. go ahead and strike i can hire actors anywhere, just as good


  • Really…in this economy..completely greedy and inappropriate


  • This is not only a problem for the American industry, but has ramifications throughout the world. Whilst we have the utmost respect for the actors, and in the uk


  • technicians sometimes benefit from the stand that leading actors can make especially with regard to working hours and lengths of working weeks, we would urge the SAG to seriously consider the damage being caused to every member of the film industry at present . Remember that the majority of technicians will never receive a penny in residual payments. We can only rely on what we earn today to support our families and save for some sort of a pension. (out of the question for the majority of us struggling to pay a mortgage). The industry is in grave danger of shooting itself in the foot as experienced people have to leave the industry to make a living elsewhere.


  • are you kidding me?? great! lets lose more work..


  • Why are my friends changing their legal residence to New Mexico? Let’s keep ’em home.


  • Please Don’t put greed in front of Good common sense


  • with the economy the way that it is, this will be a time for the arts to flourish (as they did in the late 20’s). Do not halt this opportunity. As it is, actors are going to be needed less and less with all the new technology and the swing towards 3D and animation. Don’t cut your nose to spite your faces, You may find that there will not be so much work for you in the future should you force technology’s hand




  • as a member of sag and 399 i will say that the geniuses at sags negotiating commitee have backed THEMSELVES into a corner and they need to bow out and not destroy EVERYONES lives!


  • working set designer – “Desperate Housewives”


  • “This is the stupidest idea ever”


  • HELLO !!! Are you out of your mind? How quickly we forget what the last SAG strike did to the entire city, not to mention the on average 47 crew per 1 actor you also put out of work. Please work it out!!


  • STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • please remember the crew get a much worse deal than you do !


  • You can not kill another TV season. All of our shows suffered last season and you will kill any faith any of us have in there being another good season of TV. On top of that, we will find other things to do if the movie industry starts to suck because of it as well.


  • Oh actors, you are not better than the rest of the union people. Get over yourselves, please.


  • While the reasons for striking are, I’m sure valid, I do believer that to strike at this point in time will do nothing but undermine the credibility and possibly eliminate the existence of The Screen Actors Guild.   


  • If SAG strikes in this economy it will hurt everyone… Even the actors. Many actors also work in businesses that serve the film communities. Waiters and waitresses, small business owners. messengers. temp agencys. everyone will lose if the union strikes. If twenty thousand people are out of work they will not be able to spend money in business that are at our very core of daily life. Please wait till the film community can get on their feet.. Also SAG must know that if the producers are struck with SAG they will simply shoot HIGH DEFINITION DIGITAL on their projects and use the AFTRA contract.


  • quit being selfish we all need to go to work!


  • the blind can see this is not the time for it!


  • SAG is Greedy


  • At this time, Shame on ya!


  • Resistance is Futile – don’t strike


  • Here comes December again. Déjà Vu and no work on the horizon. COMPROMISE!!


  • It’s time for everyone to play nice.


  • Where’s Your Brain?, I asked you first, Where’s Your Brain?!


  • People, people- can’t we all just get along?


  • more people not working !? (BRILLIENT)


  • Why does SAG think they are so much better than the rest of us! We work to make actors better and this is how you repay us?


  • fire the union heads


  • “Wake up America – Unite” A strike for something as miniscule as stated is absolutely preposterous.”


  • if there is a strike, I will probably leave SAG


  • At least give waivers to the idle filmmakers


  • If you cannot resolve this without a strike you will lose more viewers. Can you really afford that? The viewing public is tired of this, just fix it!


  • I am absolutely against the strike. I have already lost work after the writers strike and what did they gain after that prolonged strike? Nothing. I refuse to be an out of work actor for another year because of Alan Rosenberg’s EGO


  • I would LOVE to see a SAG sanctioned blacklist. If the Stupid Arrogant Guys did that, it would seal their fate and AFTRA would gain the power it’s earned through fair play and even handedness. However, I don’t think they’re dumb enough to do it.


  • Actors should all join aftra!


  • of action that will lead many fellow, non acting Californians I am a proud SAG member, but I am also a proud American. I will not endorse a course into unemployment and bankruptcy. Timing is everything, and this is the wrong time to gamble with so many people’s lives so we can get a few more bucks in residuals. Alan, your plan, if you ever had one, failed miserably. You are a disgrace to my union and should resign.


  • A wealthy actor married to an even wealthier actress should not be in charge of everyone’s lives! NO STRIKE! IMPEACH ALAN ROSENBERG!
  • In these troubling economic times, it amazes me that the SAG leadership would actually try to force a strike, placing thousands out of work. Why should SAG get a better deal than the other unions? Maybe it’s time for the producers to go merit shop!


  • Be a hero, not a destroyer


  • I think the SAG representatives should get back in touch with reality. When people are losing their jobs and their homes left and right no-one will have any sympathy for your self-centered opinions. Might I suggest that you approach (SAG) approach the studios and tell them “in light of the current economic woes, we want to do our part to boost the economy, entertainment has always been a source of escapism, and now more than ever, people need an escape. We (SAG) do however, reserve the right to strike in 18 months after the economy turns and address our point then, with retroactive recognition as of this date” –


  • Incomprehensible!


  • don’t be stupid


  • I have a niece in your industry. If you strike, she loses her job and moves in with Uncle Dan. Please, for Uncle Dan’s sake, settle this damn thing!


  • Really another strike…?


  • By the time the strike would be over, you’d get an extra $8 for a year and a half. Great strategy!




  • Mr. Rosenberg: Your timing in this matter is quintessential in its self-perpetuating depravity. Greed serves no master, do what is right. The consequence of a strike now will be more homes lost, more lives ruined, incalculable pain for the very people you are supposed to be protecting.


  • Do not let this go to vote. The 90\% of non- working SAG members will decide the fate of all the regulars that make up this great industry. I DONT THINK SO!!!!


  • Booo


  • To both sides….Please work this out without a strike


  • There will be no bailouts for Hollywood…and your slowly losing what support and RESPECT you may have thought you had as this continues, and I for one, believe this economy has changed itself for good. So I’d like to think you all would like to remain a part of it as well.


  • Strike? Are you insane?!?!




  • Why now, why not 4 months ago…


  • why do people that make tens of thousands of dollars a week to show up and stand on a mark and recite lines they have memorized feel like they need more money? Are they curing cancer or feeding the hungry and the homeless? Bad enough the writers went on strike and they pay more in income tax than most people earn. Now this. No wonder everything is moving to Canada. Do a reality check get back to work and be happy ya work in a industry that pays you more in a week than most people earn in a year.


  • unemployment is at a all time high, keep people working, don’t become part of the problem, be part of the solution


  • SAG, here is the thing. America doesn’t see the hard working day players that make up 95\% of the actor work force. America sees actors as those on Access Hollywood. When SAG goes on strike as Americans are losing their homes and their retirement and all they have left is their favorite TV show, they will turn on you and bring they will bring torches. Wait till the Dem. put the working man first and then…


  • Play fair and share there is enough for everyone!!


  • cut the crap and get back to work


  • with this economy, we don’t need a strike, ACTORS STOP Being selfish!!!!!!!!!


  • Think of those who get NO residuals!!!!!!


  • Please, don’t strike. Just sign, the contract. OK? Try working for a living!


  • SAG consists of two groups: Those with lots of money and those who hardly work and have other jobs. Between the two, they can sit and wait forever and let the rest of us suffer while we wait out their greedy efforts.


  • where’s the love?


  • Why should the actor’s get more money? The crew doesn’t. How about the rest of the unions strike like grip and electric and see if the actor’s support that when they are trying to work. And what’s this about more residuals? I see the same makeup on a rerun. I see the same lighting. Should the makeup artists and electrician’s get residuals for their work that is seen over and over again? Give me a break. Greedy greedy greedy.


  • If SAG strikes, what stops producers from going to AFTRA instead? They have a contract.


  • Go ahead and strike it builds character and I am SURE you will get more money with the economy doing SO well.


  • With all the banks and financial institutions that have failed, with all the foreclosures that have occurred, with the 3 automakers in trouble, with the trillions that have been lost in the stock market, SAG wants to strike.


  • This is like, building a dam on a dry riverbed during a drought…useless!


  • In these economic times?? Are you crazy???
  • Enough is enough! Stop groveling for pennies while turning away thousands!


  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Quit Crying. Sign the Contract.


  • 401K GONE… Job Security GONE… Unemployment Line JUST JOINED UP… No strike and coming to a speedy resolution… PRICELESS.


  • Has SAG lost its collective mind? We are in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. For God’s sake smarten up you selfish people!


  • Are you nuts?


  • what are you going to strike to, in this economy?


  • Keep this business going during this scary time. We are supposed to be working in a bubble separate from the real world. Don’t bring the real world in.


  • If SAG strikes AFTRA will have all the 2009 Pilots and thus the new series. A SAG strike would be the beginning of the end of SAG and I am not sure that that would be a bad thing. I and many others will be on the street if SAG strikes making it clear to the SAG strikers just how we feel about their insane and selfish behavior. They are never going to get a better deal at this time than the one they have been offered. The SAG leadership seem to be the only people in town who do not know this. The Studios made a profit off the WGA strike and in this economic environment I am sure that they will be happy to do the same again. Someone needs to wake these people up and smell the Cappuccino


  • search your feelings……


  • You big box office Actors better let me stay at you house if this goes down!!!


  • Pick your battles…this one will lose.


  • Way to go SAG, good timing!


  • “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one” Spock


  • Actors should not strike! All that is going to do is make the public lose more interest in you shows.


  • The AMPTP is feeling their oats after their success against the WGA, and rightfully so. As long as they have reality shows and game shows, they are very well-positioned against those who work on scripted shows. In the end, it all comes down to simple numbers: Scripted shows are, at best, performing only as well as reality/game shows. At worst, they’re not performing as well. Think of the big show of today that EVERYONE talks about when they are on: Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Survivor, The Hills, So You Think You Can Dance, Amazing Race, etc. Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, and CSI might make it in there, only occasionally. As long as scripted shows have consistently lack-luster numbers in terms of viewership, those who work on those shows are in are not in a very good position to bargain. The answer for Hollywood is simple: CREATE BETTER SHOWS THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO WATCH, AND YOU WILL BE IN A BETTER POSITION TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!!! It’s not rocket-science.


  • we need to organize and strike sags headquarters to show the world how out of line they are every other union has signed what makes you guys so special


  • Actors get paid enough as it is!!!!


  • are y’all sane?


  • striking makes no sense and we’ll protest on Alan Rosenberg and Doug Allen’s lawn if you strike


  • I’m so tired of all of this B.S. …….do whatever you want. I’ll move to another state and open up a coffee house for wayward set decorators


  • If you strike, so will I! Against you. I will peacefully stand across from where you stand and protest your selfishness.


  • As union members we are supposed to be brothers and sisters. Our brothers and sisters in SAG are killing us


  • (From: Please DO Strike) You are a rot on America’s soul!




  • TV already has too many “reality” shows SAG strikes they will just replace you with more.


  • I’m Unemployed. Why do you want to be?


  • Property Master. Hey SAG, 50\% of something is better than 100\% of nothing.


  • There are thousands more SAG members who feel exactly this way, but are terrified of expressing their opinions publicly, for fear of harassment from the current SAG MF leadership!


  • You’re threatening to put us all out of work in the worst economy in years because the raise the producers are offering isn’t big *enough*? Really?


  • Get It Together Boys & Girls!




  • Sad that 90% of the people who work in the industry never strike.


  • I grammatically sign this petition to save the world.


  • Don’t expect me to stand on a picket line w/ SAG


  • I previously signed in solidarity and am now stating that I will NOT vote yes on a strike. Now isn’t the time. Thank you




  • Take the deal that the other four unions took, and MERGE.


  • Rosenberg said ” we continue to stress that actors have unique, reasonable needs that are different, not better, but different than writers, directors and crewmembers.” Food – clothing – shelter, could Mr Rosenberg please elaborate on those unique needs actors have. Save the strike for better times


  • Wrong approach, poor timing. C’mon, Alan. You can do better. You’re an actor, for God’s sake – be creative!!!


  • What are you thinking!!!!!!!???????????


  • I support the actors, in EVERY way however I believe at this time it will do more harm than good. I wish that you would sign even a 5yr agreement and come back to it when the economy is better. The people need laughs right now and smiles and inspiration from HOLLYWOOD as only SAG actors can bring!


  • Going on strike to solve your problem would be akin to the U.S. dropping Nuclear weapons on a country because it didn’t care for their trade policies. You have other options. Be reasonable and explore them first.


  • SAG are idiots to be out this long already killing the industry!!!


  • KEEP WORKING YOU LAZY ACTOR S.O.Bs ….or get a REAL JOB!!!!!!!!


  • Strike during a recession…..SMART! That is sarcasm in case you missed it!


  • Are you kidding me! GFY


  • greedy bustards, what don’t you understand


  • What are the Current DVD residual’s for say a minor speaking part???


  • So SAG says that they deserve a better deal than the rest of us in this industry, well why do the rest of us have to suffer so they can live better than us?






  • Please take Rosenberg’s face off the SAG site. Every time I go to track my residuals I taste bile. Truly a hideous face to represent this union. Dear Alan please think of all the amazing people who work behind the camera making actors look great. All those who work week to week to live and feed their families. If he only had a brain. A heart. A soul!

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