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June 2, 2009

From Feb. 7, 2009

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Several things have happened since January 26, when we alerted you about the action we took with the rest of the National Board majority to replace the Guild’s negotiators and its executive director in order to chart a positive new course for SAG.

Within days of that action, the AMPTP agreed on a date (this past Tuesday) to return to the table to restart talks on the TV/Theatrical contract that expired over seven months ago.  But in a week even the most jaded couldn’t have foreseen, President Rosenberg and three of his Membership First allies announced Monday that they were suing SAG and the elected majority of the National Board.  This outrageous move predictably caused the scheduled contract talks to be cancelled indefinitely.  After President Rosenberg’s request for a temporary restraining order was found flawed and was rejected on Tuesday, he was told to return in two days.  Thursday, the judge rejected the request a second time and further, made it clear the underlying case was unlikely to prevail.  As a result, it is now being reported that negotiations have been tentatively rescheduled for Feb. 17-18.  But despite Thursday’s outcome, President Rosenberg’s attorney responded by
saying, “the lawsuit is alive and well” and that they plan to appeal the judge’s decision.  As long as such uncertainty exists, negotiations will ultimately be in question too.

In light of this, a National Board meeting has been called for Sunday, Feb. 8, where the board will vote on a procedural step to ensure that President Rosenberg’s lawsuit cannot once again delay the TV/Theatrical negotiations.  This will allow us to move forward and get on with the real work you elected us to do.  We urge President Rosenberg and his allies to drop their resistance to the important changes the Board has put into effect and join us in bringing stability and excellence back to the governance of the Screen Actors Guild.

We greatly appreciate your countless letters of support during this unusual period. We’ll be back to you soon with more updates as necessary.


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