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June 2, 2009

Filmmakers unite Members (Feb. 19, 2009)

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Dear Filmmakers Unite Members,

The following Data Bases have been added to the Filmmakers Unite Groups discussion board. List your professional information in any of the following categories that pertains to you. Now Filmmakers Unite Members in you area may easily contact you. • Filmmakers Unite ACTOR Data Base • Filmmakers Unite WRITER Data Base • Filmmakers Unite DIRECTOR Data Base • Filmmakers Unite PRODUCER, PROD. DEPT. Data Base • Filmmakers Unite CAMERA DEPARTMENT Data Base • Filmmakers Unite LIGHTING and GRIP Data Base • Filmmakers Unite SOUND Data Base • Filmmakers Unite ART DEPARTMENT Data Base • Filmmakers Unite WARDROBE and MAKE-UP Data Base • Filmmakers Unite EDITOR Data Base Remember the idea of this group is to hire within and help to keep each other busy. Best, Woody Bavota When you open the group page go to the “Discussion Board”, click on “See All “. Choose your category or categories and paste the following information. Then just fill in the blanks and your fellow Filmmakers Unite Members will be able to easily access your professional information. NAME: JOB TITLE(S): LOCATION: AFFILIATIONS: WEB SITE: CONTACT INFORMATION: EQUIPMENT LIST:


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