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June 2, 2009

Daniel Quinn (Feb. 19, 2009)

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Daniel Quinn is one of the principal organizers of our movement to stop the closure of the MPTF hospital and long term care facility. He’s also an actor. His mother, like mine, will be affected by the eviction. Daniel probably works harder than anyone to marshal our troops, create the strategy of our cause along with principals Nancy Biederman and Andy Suser.

Last night Daniel responded to one of the many lame excuses someone had for not being at the rally at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday, Feb. 21. I’m paraphrasing, but his words are better than mine: “Hey everyone this is a time to stop making excuses and drop whatever it is you’re doing and get your butts and make it over to the Beverly Hills Hotel at 5:30 Saturday night and represent all of the Residents that are counting on us to fight for them. This isn’t a case of the dog eating your homework. This is about humane life. MPTF social workers are putting on a full court press. Today they were hustling harder than ever to get Residents to fade out the door. To QUIT and LEAVE. Family members must know that this is a critical event. If you have a transportation problem reach out and call someone within our network and get a ride. Those of you who know me can get in touch with me and I will help make it possible for you to attend. It’s ONLY 2 hours out of your life for Gods sake. If you are out of town or on your deathbed, call a friend and have them come to honor these Residents on your behalf.” SO AGAIN, PLEASE – R.S.V.P. THAT YOU WILL INDEED BE ABLE TO STAND WITH US. THIS IS ABOUT YOUR FUTURE. THIS IS ABOUT OUR PARENTS AND LOVED ONES WHO ARE TOO OLD AND FEEBLE TO FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES. THIS IS ABOUT A BROKEN PROMISE MADE BY THE MPTF TO THEM. THIS IS ABOUT LIFE AND DEATH. THIS IS ABOUT THE JOBS OF 100’S OF THE FINEST CAREGIVERS IN THE FREAKING INDUSTRY. THIS IS ABOUT THE INDUSTRY. YOUR INDUSTRY. If you need a ride and you are in the West Valley, call me – 213-369-1097. I can take 4 people. Prepare to arrive a bit early though. Thanks, Richard


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