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June 2, 2009

A Letter… (January 11th, 2009)

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Dear Actor Friends,

I’d like you to look at this list of name actors:

Alec Baldwin
Josh Brolin
Steve Carell
Sally Field
Michael C. Hall
Susan Sarandon
Tony Shalhoub
Kevin Spacey

These eight and several more of our “high-profile” fellow Guild members have recently done two things:
(A) They have advised us rank-and-file members to VOTE NO to giving our National Board the authority to call a strike if the AMPTP refuses to improve itsinsulting and contemptuous “last, best and FINAL” offer.
(B) Now these arrogant elitists are trying to take away our right to even HAVE a vote on this critical issue. They are telling the National Board to withdraw the strike authorization referendum. This is the National Board which is now dominated by “Unite-for-Strength ” and USAN, their New York allies. U4S and USAN are the same faction which these SAME STARS endorsed in the September board election.
And this is the same U4S/USAN-dominated National Board which voted, in October, (by 97% to 3%) to (1) call in a Federal Mediator, AND — if mediation FAILED — (2) send out ballots to us — the membership — asking for the authority to call a strike if the AMPTP continued to insult and demean us.
And now, many of those same National Board members, with the support of a long list of star actors and star actor/PRODUCERS, are ready to renege on their vote — their promise! — to give us members a voice in these fateful negotiations about the future of middle-class actors.
I’m feeling angry and I’m feeling powerless. And I’m ready to do something I wouldn’t have dreamed of until now.
I’m ready to do something radical. I cannot claim the following idea as my own, but I am determined to act on it.
This advice I’m pasting here was posted on the website USActorsOnScreen. com. I’m not telling YOU what to do, only that I am going to follow the advice below anduse my vote for the S.A.G. “Actor” Awards to send a message.


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